Operating System not found and no bios on Acer laptop SOLVED

operating system not found acer laptop no bios

Operating system not found is the only displayed on the screen and cannot even enter into BIOS setting even if you keep pressing F2 or Del. This error commonly happens on ACER ASPIRE V5 471 no bios access. The reason is either when you make changes on hardware especially changing Hard disk. Others also encounter … Read more

Windows 10 Bootable USB Flash Drive How to create

windows 10 bootable usb flash drive

Windows 10 bootable USB flash drive is used to install new windows 10 operating systems on your PC, desktop computer, and laptop. In installing windows 10; you will remove all viruses, reformat your disk, or update your OS to Windows 10 to speed up your computer. There are several ways to create bootable Windows 10 … Read more

Making image background as transparent in PowerPoint

Remove image background in powerpoint

Making image background transparent in PowerPoint is possible, You don’t need to use any third party tool to cut the background of pictures. Lets begin. Insert the picture you want to remove background into PowerPoint. On Format tab, Click Remove Background. Adjust the selection to select the entire picture. Click on Mark areas to keep … Read more

Add page number to a specific page of Word 2016, office 365

Remove page number on first title page in WORD

In Microsoft Office Word 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016 even in office 365. You can be able to add page numbers starting on page 2 or page 3. When you are printing a book, your first page should remove the page number. Then on the succeeding like a Title page, Copyright Page, Table of Contents, Dedication, … Read more

Adding Powerpoint Autoplay video (with pictures)

Powerpoint Autoplay video

PowerPoint auto play videos during presentation helps you present more awesome, here’s the tutorial on how to add videos and automatically play on MS powerpoint 2010, 2012, 2016, 2019 etc. How to add video files on your presentation On menu bar, click Insert then on Video, click arrow down for more options. Browse for videos … Read more

5 easy ways to download YouTube HD videos

download 1080p youtube videos

Download HD YouTube videos is exciting, whether it is music videos, Tutorials, animations, video wallpaper, educational or other else, Here is the easiest way to download youtube videos in HD. and play it offline.

Download Youtube video without software

did you know that you can download youtube videos without add-on or without installing any software like IDM or youtube downloader. here it the list where you can refer on how to download.

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