Operating System not found and no bios on Acer laptop SOLVED

Operating system not found is the only displayed on the screen and cannot even enter into BIOS setting even if you keep pressing F2 or Del. This error commonly happens on ACER ASPIRE V5 471 no bios access. The reason is either when you make changes on hardware especially changing Hard disk. Others also encounter this when someone upgrades or downgrades their OS from windows 8.1 to windows 10 or vice versa.

After trying other solutions shown on the internet like resetting bios or accessing through making a change in hardware like removing CMOS battery, and still not gonna work? All you need is an ISO file operating system and a DVD. Using a bootable USB with UEFI support won’t work, You will have an error saying “Secure boot Image Failed to verify with *ACCESS DENIED* Press any key to continue”.

Fixing Operating System not found using BIOS settings

First of all make sure you tried this initial step just making settings on BIOS;

  1. Access bios by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot.
  2. Keep pressing F2 until show the BIOS information.
  3. Go to the Boot tab and change the boot mode from UEFI to Legacy BIOS.
  4. Exit and save change.

or just follow this video:

If you did the above instruction show in video, you can try below.

how to fix Operating system not found without accessing BIOS settings

Follow the following steps;

  1. Download an Operating System in ISO file, See how to download official windows 10.
  2. Download and install PowerISO for burning to DVD.
  3. Burn windows ISO file into DVD.
  4. Used DVD for installing OS without going to BIOS settings.

That is how you fix ACER ASPIRE V5 471 Operating System not found without accessing the BIOS settings. Using the DVD as default boot priority without making changes to BIOS. We would like to hear your feedback, please comment below and we are happy to read it.

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