Making image background as transparent in PowerPoint

Making image background transparent in PowerPoint is possible, You don’t need to use any third party tool to cut the background of pictures. Lets begin.

  1. Insert the picture you want to remove background into PowerPoint.
    1 insert picture
  2. On Format tab, Click Remove Background.
    2 remove background
  3. Adjust the selection to select the entire picture.
    3 background removal
  4. Click on Mark areas to keep then drag to a part of picture you want to keep.
  5. Click on Mark areas to remove then drag to a part of picture you want to remove.
    4 mark areas to keep
  6. Click Keep change to finish.

The final output look like this:
5 Final output, removed background of picture

That’s how easy on how to remove background of jpeg image in powerpoint without searching for PNG pictures. More Microsoft Office topics

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