How to Print Excel into 8.5 x 13 Custom Paper Size

Printing Microsoft Excel is very confusing especially when you are not a Techy person, but thank God you found this post. We will guide you the step by step Guide on how you can Print Excel into 8.5 x 13 Custom Paper Size like your PDS, IPCR, OPCR or Other excel documents in to your desired paper size.

There are three major step you can easily follow; Installation of driver, Adding custom paper size, and print setting. Assuming that you are using windows and below tutorials is compatible also in any version of Microsoft Office. So Let’s begin…

Download and Install Printer Driver

Windows has its default printer where it can be installed automatically upon plugging the USB cable of printer but in the default driver, There are limited paper size only. Usually the A4 or Letter is the page size available only. Now we want to add the other size like A5, A6, Executive, and Custom Size which is Long Bond paper 8.5×13. In order to do that, we need to install the official drivers. Follow the simple steps below;

Assuming that you are using EPSON PRINTER (L210, L120, L220, L360 etc)
Download official Printer Driver
  1. Search the this term on Google, “<printer brand> + <printer model> + driver” example is “Epson l210 driver” on the first or second result is where you can find the download link of printer driver.
  2. Select your Operating System (Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10). Some website will detect your OS automatically.
  3. Click Download and until it finish.
    You can also install the driver in the CD/DVD which came with the printer when you purchased
  4. Now, Plug the printer USB cable into your computer and begin the installation.

Adding Long Bond Paper Size or Custom size like 8.5 x 13

add custom paper size

After you successfully installed the Printer USB driver, you can now use all the feature of printer. Here is how to add the custom paper size.

  1. Open devices and printers located in “Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers
  2. Right clink on the printer and select “Printing Preference” and new screen will appear.
  3. On the Main tab, go to Document Size and select User-Defined. Another new screen will appear.
  4. Change a Paper Size Name like Long Bond Paper and add Paper Width and Paper Height which is 8.50 by 13 inches. Make sure you select the Unit into Inches.
  5. Click Save and OK and you are now successfully added your custom paper size.

Printer Settings to Print Excel into 8.5 x 13 Custom Paper Size

Now back to the title, After you installed driver and added the custom paper size, you are now ready to proceed in printing. here is the setting on how to fit the documents into paper size.

Print Settings

After pressing Ctrl + P or Click File > Print, Setting window will appear, Just set the following;

  • On Printer, Select your newly installed Printer.
  • Select the added custom paper size which is Long Bond Paper.
  • Select the scaling “Fit All Columns in One Page” to Shrink the printout so that it is one page wide. Or “Fit Sheet on One Page” to Shrink the printout so that it fits on one page.
  • Click the Print button to start printing.

Now you can Print Excel into 8.5 x 13 Custom Paper Size or any of your desired paper size when you successfully installed the driver or you can now add any of paper size you want. If something is not clear, please comment below.


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