Add page number to a specific page of Word 2016, office 365

In Microsoft Office Word 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016 even in office 365. You can be able to add page numbers starting on page 2 or page 3. When you are printing a book, your first page should remove the page number. Then on the succeeding like a Title page, Copyright Page, Table of Contents, Dedication, Foreword or Introduction, the page number. Should be in Roman numerals (I, II, III).

The next is the Body, the page number should be in normal numbers starting on 1, 2, 3,… And begin on the specific page of MS Word. So, here are the tutorials with a screenshot on how to do it.

How to remove page number on the first page and add different page number in a single document

  1. Add a page number by clicking on the Insert tab > Page Number > Bottom of page > Plain number. then select your preferred style.
    1 Insert Page Numbers at bottom of page
  2. On the first page, Click Layout > Section Breaks > Next Page. You will notice another start counting of the page number on the next page.
    2 Section breaks to next page
  3. To make the first page hide the page number, Click on the footer of the first page. Then click on Page Setup > Layout > ✔ Different first page. Click ok to hide.
    3 Page setup layout check different first page
  4. Now to change the page number into Roman numerals. Click the Page Number the click to Design > Page Number > Format page numbers > Select format to I, II, III, … 4 Format page number to roman 5 Select page number format

    In the next part of your book documents which is the body, the page number should be in normal numbering. To do that, Just do the same as in step 2. The output would look like this;
    Final blank page number on first page and start page number on page 2
    You can watch the video below on how to do it.

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